Monday, July 20, 2015

The Macon Drive-in - Lafayette, TN

The Macon Drive-in 
3570 Scottsville Rd 
Lafayette, TN 37083 

LOCATION: The Macon drive-in is located in Lafayette, TN, about 1hr and 20 minutes North-East of Nashville.

ABOUT: It is a single-screen theater established in 1950. Screens double-features Fri, Sat, and Sunday, and a single feature Monday, and Tuesday.

EXPERIENCE: The Macon Drive-in is one of the oldest operational drive-ins in Tennessee. Established in 1950, the original snack bar is still standing. The poles are still in place from the speaker days, but as with most modern drive-ins, the sound is now delivered via FM radio. The atmosphere at the Macon is very safe and family friendly. Definitely has that small-town feel, and is a family-run business; in fact, the owner's house is located on the property, and their back yard faces the screen. Pets are allowed at the theater.

The food at the Macon Drive-in is good and very affordable. We tried the chicken sandwich and the tenderloin sandwich, both of which were great. The upside to smaller theaters is shorter lines, and we were able to walk right up to the bar and order quickly, which was nice. The owner even brewed a pot of coffee just for me later in the evening, when I asked if they had any, so bonus points there!

The theater has gravel roads and grassy areas for parking. The grass areas are also the traditional humped shape, allowing the cars to angle toward the screen, which is another plus. They are well-kept, in good condition, not muddy. The only drawback for us was the bugs were bad that night, so be sure to bring bug repellent.

Overall the Macon is a great little family friendly theater. The food is good, and it's a theater that feels rich with history.

Fast Facts:
Number of screens - 1
Movies shown - Double-features weekends - single-features weekdays.
Admission - Per person
Price - (2015) Adults $6.00, Kids 6-9 $3.00, under 6 free.
Projector - Digital
Sound - FM Stereo
Pets - Yes

Original 35mm projector, now retired

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