Monday, July 13, 2015

The Stardust Drive-in - Watertown, TN


Stardust Drive-In
310 Purple Tiger Dr,
Watertown, TN 37184

LOCATION: The Stardust drive-in is located in Watertown, TN, about 30-45 minutes East of Nashville down I-40.

ABOUT: It is a 2-screen theater, established in 2003. It is open from the first weekend in March through the end of November. Starting Memorial day it is open 7 days a week.

EXPERIENCE: Being so far outside the major city limits means the sky is nice and dark. The Stardust has some of the brightest screens of any drive-ins I've visited. There are two screens, and they show double-features on both screens, making the price of admission very reasonable. If you bring in your own food the theater asks that you pay a $6 food and beverage fee. The theater is pet friendly, but pets are not allowed within food/bathroom areas. they show vintage drive-in intermission trailers between the movies, which is a nice touch.

The food at the Stardust is definitely a highlight. You can get all the usual drive-in foods there; hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, etc. but they also have such specialty items as Philly Cheese Steak Sandwiches, Rueben Sandwiches, Barbecue Sandwiches and more. I've had the Rueben, Hamburger, and Chicken sandwiches there, and all of them were good. The only drawback is that lines are long for food, and a bit on the slow side, especially if it's a busy night, so get your snacks early before the show starts. There is a second smaller food stand for standard items that moves a bit quicker.

The theater has gravel roads and grass areas for parking.  Note that if it's rained lately there are some muddy spots, so watch your step if you have to visit the restroom or snack bar.

Overall the Stardust is very clean and family friendly. The food is excellent, and it's a safe, family-friendly environment.

Fast Facts:
Number of screens - 2
Movies shown - Double-features
Admission - Per person
Price - (2015) Adults $7.50, Kids 6-11 $5.00, under 6 free.
           Outside foods permitted with $6.00 food and beverage fee.
Projector - Digital
Sound - FM Stereo
Pets - Yes


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